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you're gonna need a body bag

Yesterday I sat for 5 hours while Amanda Pepper tattooed a beautiful peacock on me chest. We didn't finish but its almost complete.
I'm really happy with it... and it brings my total to 18 tattoos. Wow.

Suzi met me at Lemon Grass were I quickly ate my Sesame Tofu. I can't believe it had been so long since I've enjoyed that..

We headed to Pop's for the AP tour where we met up with Will, Mary, Duck (Lauren), her bf Chris, Jessica, Megan and her whole gang of 4 people including her funny brosef& Erin. Wow again. We mob deep. The grownups hung together while our underage friends danced around a lot .. Suzi & I acted a fool when 3OH!3 came on.

Chris called us the bruise brigade well.. Basically coz we keep it real.. People would constantly try & squeeze by me. I created this personal space bubble that I'd push people if they touched it.. I don't want to infect my peacock with gross stranger sweat.


After the show we talked to Nick Thompson to whom I will say is an awesome person. Hit the Lights is muh shit. California cows, cadbury bunnies... punchin sammiches.. And WARPED TOUR! .ahahah. I can't wait. John-o was a nice guy & Suzi got her noodle dance. High fives & creeper pictures.
Nate from 3OH!3 is NAT. No e. Just fyi &&&

Denny's picture memories. People need to get on our plane.

Now. We are deciding whether or not to go to KC's warped this year. This summer line up & the friends we have on tour is out of this world.
Holy fuck. One giant good time. I wonderr if Against Me! Is on it.. Hrmmm.

I'm confused about a lot of directions to take as of yesterday........ fuck it. And. I am hanging with some old guy friends Saturday. I'm stoked.

Don't get mad over words. If someone calls me babe.. Wow. I'm going to have to stop talking to you.

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October 2010

Mystery Girl

Not a day goes by I wanna disappear

Into her eyes a mother pearl

and my head feels dead with all this useless fighting

But my heart ain't dead cause it keeps on loving

The girl hit hard like a barracuda baby

She floated on air like a crest of wave

She was a primal institution, she was a danger to herself, yeah!

Mad loving by the cold hearted

take a deep breath babe cause we just started

"Go ahead and build a better a messiah, we can dig
another grave"

This is your calling

If you are hearing this, there is nothing I can do

Something has grown out of my chest.

I have seen it.

It is hard and cold.

It has been dormant for many years.

We are trying to save you, I have come to save you.

This is what you deserve,
this is what we deserve

This is something we have brought upon ourselves.

We are not a victim, you are not a victim.

We are not a victim, you are not a victim.

God will grovel before me.

God will crawl at my feet.

And the time is this

And the time is...

When you are suffering, know that I have betrayed you...

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