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Ever So Sweet

It Hurts My Teeth

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"This girl's got moxie"

3-d, accents, accidents, adult swim, air conditioning, aliens, antichrist superstar, autumn, brian warner, brody dalle, child of the night, comics, concerts, conversation, criticism, cuddling, culture, dance-offs, danger, dexter, dinosaurs, dirty chucks, edward cullen, exercising, fat sandwiches, fawn, ffxi, final fantasy, fiona apple, forensics, frank's red hot, freddy krueger, gargoyles, germany, gg allin, ghost stories, glow-n-the-dark, gnomes, gojira, goosebumps, gore, green, ground mail, guitar solos, gummy bears, gypsies, hair weave, haunted houses, haute couture, hidden passageways, hugs, individualism, inventions, japan, junko mizuno, karen o, kazoo, keepin it real, keytar, kissing, kurt halsey, laughing, leprechauns, lip gloss, love, lucid dreams, m. night shamalayan, magic, marilyn manson, martial arts, matlock, meatwad, melons, midget wresslin', mischief, mohawks, morningstar, mullets, mummies, music, nachos, nessie, new jersey, nintendo, nostaglia, open minds, oujia, outer space, philosophy, photobooths, pins, pirates, pirhanas, polaroids, postcards, pranks, precious moments, provel, remote control devices, rhythm, robots, rollercoasters, samuel l. jackson, sci-fi, secrets, serial killers, sg, sharks, skulls, slush puppies, sprinklers, star wars, stephen king, stuffed animals, surprises, swings, talent, tattoos, tetris attack!, text messages, thai kick boxing, the chronicles of narnia, the east coast, the occult, the st. louis cardinals, thriller, tornados, trampolines, traveling, treasure maps, tricks, trivia, tulips, twilight, twin peaks, unicorns, vampires, vanilla, vegetarianism, veggie fat bitch, victoria secrets, video games, vitamin water, volcanoes, weapons, werewolves, wii, wishbone, xox, zombies